Installation And Maintenance

After the installation of heating equipment, follow a maintenance system to ensure performance, increased reliability and a longer duration, such maintenance is managed by contacting us with our customers every review period if the client so wishes . Defines two additional levels of performance.

a) Monitoring plan

b) Planned maintenance


Cleaning of glass, review boards, cracking and warping. Corrosion, deformation, leakage, etc.. This monitoring could be performed by the client.
In reviewing the primary circuit insulation, humidity and air flush botellín.En the secondary circuit, check temperature, leakage and vented from the accumulation of sludge on the bottom of the tank.


Maintenance will involve a review of 2 years and thereafter shall be annual. The maintenance plan must be performed by competent technical staff, replacing the consumables or worn by use, needed to be ensured that the system functioned properly during its life.