A local area network, local network or LAN (Local Area Network of English) is the interconnection of several computers and peripherals. Its extension is limited physically to a building or an environment of 200 meters with repeaters and the distance we could see a field of 1 kilometer. Also with the new systems have many more posibilildades WIFI deployment. Its most widespread application is the interconnection of personal computers and work stations in offices, factories, etc.. To share resources and exchange data and applications. In sum, allows two or more machines to communicate.

The term includes both the network hardware and software required for the interconnection of different devices and information processing.


In a company there are often many computers, which need their own printer to print reports (hardware redundancy), the data stored in one of the teams is very likely to be needed in another of the teams in the company, which will be necessary to copy it, could result in gaps between the data from two users, the occupation of the storage resources on disk are multiplied (data redundancy), computers that work with the same data will have the same programs to manage these data (software redundancy, etc.).

The solution to these problems is called local area network, this allows you to share databases (eliminates redundancy of data), programs (eliminates the redundancy of software) and peripherals.

Besides a local area network leads to significant savings in both time, as it is done and information management work, such as money, because there is no need to purchase many peripherals, consuming less paper, and a connection Internet can use a single phone connection or broadband shared by multiple networked computers.